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On Election Day, Michigan voters will choose state Supreme Court justices. Two of the court's seven seats are open in this election. As part of Michigan Radios election coverage, Morning Edition is featuring interviews with candidates for the court from October 30 to November 2 beginning with Sam Bagenstos.A candidate who wishes to seek the office of Supreme Court Justice can gain access to the ballot by receiving nomination to the office at the Republican Party convention, the Democratic Party convention, Libertarian Party convention or a minor party convention. (The minor party must have ballot status in justice of supreme court michigan democratic candidates

Aug 28, 2016 The Michigan Republican Party and Michigan Democratic Party nominated candidates for Supreme Court, university boards and state board of education on Saturday, Aug. 27, 2016.

Selection See also: Judicial selection in Michigan Judges in Michigan participate in nonpartisan elections, with partisan nomination for state supreme court candidates. If there are more than twice the number of candidates than there are persons to be elected, the race will appear on the primary election ballot. The terms of two Michigan Supreme Court justices expired on January 1, 2019. Those justices had to stand for nonpartisan election by voters in 2018 in order to remain on the bench. . In Michigan, political parties nominate candidates for some offices at their conventions instead of holding a primary.justice of supreme court michigan democratic candidates Oct 06, 2018  Can Democratic nominees to the Michigan Supreme Court defeat a pair of Republican incumbents? Will Justice Beth Clement's vote to put a gerrymandering proposal on

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Michigan Courts and Board: Democratic Candidates 2018 Justices of the Michigan Supreme Court. Samuel Bagenstos has been a civil rights lawyer for more than 20 years. Under President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, he served as the Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights at the U. S. Department of Justice. justice of supreme court michigan democratic candidates Michigan Supreme Court Race Has 6 Candidates for 2 Seats Two justices appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder are among six candidates for Michigan Supreme Court. Some Democrats are coming to the aid of Republicannominated Supreme Court justice Beth Clement as members of her own party turn on her for voting to allow a proposal to end political