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The Courts of New Zealand homepage. Supreme Court Decisions 2019; Supreme Court Decisions 2018; Supreme Court Decisions 2017Decisions& publications Environment Court decisions& publications. Speak te reo Mori or use sign language The Resource Management Act 1991 allows you to speak Mori and use New Zealand Sign Language in Environment Court proceedings. Contact us Contact the Environment Court registries in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. environment court decisions nz

In the recent Environment Court decision Self Family Trust v Auckland Council, the Court notably recognised and placed significant weight upon Mori cultural landscape, departing from a number of previous judicial decisions that have grappled with this concept.

An everyday guide: Your guide to the Environment Court. Introduction. The Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) is the main law protecting our environment. Decisions of the Environment Court are almost always reserved. That is, written judgments are delivered some time after the hearing, rather than being given orally on the spot Decisions of the Environment Court may only be appealed to the High Court of New Zealand on a point of law. Structure. The Environment Court is a single court, but it has no centralised courthouse and it sits in courthouses across the country.environment court decisions nz Recent Environment Court Decisions. Read recent decisions issued by the Environment Court. Seach Environment Court Decisions. Search Environment Court decisions online by typing in the search box below and clicking on search. The search box will take you to the New Zealand Legal Information Institute (NZLII) Database.

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The NZ ETS and New Zealand's provisional carbon budget for Environment Court report; Letter of decline; Ministry for the Environment logo. Aotearoa he whenua mana kura m te tangata. Making New Zealand Aotearoa the most liveable place in the world. environment court decisions nz The work of the court is organised nationally by the Principal Environment Judge to ensure a match between judicial resources and work. The Court is a specialist court and as such, sits outside the pyramid for courts of general jurisdiction. Appeals from the Environment Court can be made (on a point of a law only) to the High Court. relating to the New Zealand environment. Specialist Online Resource. With decisions dating back to the enactment of the Resource Management Act in 1991. New decisions available each week across all the courts. Powerful Searching. HOUSING NEW ZEALAND CORPORATION Court of Appeal; 4. [2018 NZEnvC 243 Official website of the District Courts of New Zealand. This site contains information about the District Court and publishes judicial decisions in a searchable database of District Court judgments including decisions on criminal, family, youth and civil matters. Decisions from a representative sample of these cases, with emphasis on significant decisions of particular interest can be found on the District Court website. District Courts of New Zealand The Ministry also has a decisions finder where most of the Special Jurisdictions decisions can be accessed.