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2020-02-21 12:11

In Drosophila, protein kinase II (CaMKII) activity is crucial in associative courtship conditioning for both memory formation and suppression of courtship during training with a mated female. We have previously shown that increasing levels of constitutively active CaMKIIChemosensory cues are important indicators during Drosophila courtship. This study reveals that disrupting the expression of a gustatory receptor (Gr32a) causes flies to exhibit enhanced courtship drosophila courtship suppression

Suppression of male courtship by a Drosophila pheromone receptor were essential for courtship suppression and projected to the ventrolateral protocerebrum, implying direct communication of

Unsuccessful courtship reduces subsequent courtship behavior of male Drosophila. This experiencedependent behavior modification is called courtship conditioning and has been one of the major paradigms used to study learning and memory in Drosophila. Automated courtship behavior analysis has been previously described for Drosophila 15, 16. However, the utilization of this technology for assessing courtship suppression in learning during training and memory, specifically how this analysis compares to manual courtship suppression analysis for leaning and memory, is unknown. To address thesedrosophila courtship suppression Nov 01, 2012 Longterm conditioned courtship or courtship suppression in Drosophila melanogaster is the phenomenon whereby a male that has courted an unreceptive female for a period of time then suppresses courtship behaviors toward a subsequent female target.

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Title: Automated analysis of courtship suppression learning and memory in Drosophila melanogaster Authors: Md. Alimoor Reza 2, Siddhita D. Mhatre 1, Aleister J. Saunders 1, 3, 4, David E. drosophila courtship suppression For each 10min recording, calculate courtship index (CI), CI initial, CI final, CI test, and CI sham, which is the fraction of time a male spent in courtship activity during the 10min observation period (see Measurement of Courtship Behavior in Drosophila melanogaster [Ejima and Griffith 2007). Apr 01, 2013 Study of the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, has yielded important insights into the underlying molecular mechanisms of learning and memory. Courtship conditioning is a wellestablished behavioral assay used to study Drosophila learning and memory. Here, we describe the development of software to analyze courtship suppression assay data Automated analysis of courtship suppression learning and memory in Drosophila melanogaster Automated analysis of courtship suppression learning and The courtship of Drosophila melanogasler Drosophila Courtship Conditioning As a Measure of Learning and Memory Tom S. Koemans 1, 2, 3, Cornelia Oppitz 4, Rogier A. T. Donders 5, Hans van Bokhoven 1, 3, Annette Schenck 1, 3, Krystyna Keleman 6, Jamie M. Kramer 7, 8