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1. This is a report of a strategic country gender assessment (SCGA) on Malawi. In 2001, the World Bank developed a countrywide gender strategy that called on all countries to undertake country gender assessments in recognition of the importance of gender in poverty reduction, economic growth and human wellbeing. The Malawi SCGA presentsKenya Country Gender Note for Kenya in the context of the Bank CSP Mid Term Review: Is Gender a number one poverty issue? malawi country gender profile

Malawi Country Profile Malawi, officially known as the Republic of Malawi, is a landlocked country in southeastern Africa. It is bordered by Mozambique on the east and southwest, by Tanzania on the north and northeast, and by Zambia on the west and northwest.

MGTT Malawi Gender Trainers Team MMR Maternal Mortality Rate MoEVT Ministry of Education and Vocational Training Malawi is a landlocked country south of the equator in subSaharan Africa. It is bordered 2 Beyond Inequalities 2005, Women in Malawi A Socio Economic and Political Profile of Women in Malawi for 1997 2005. This country profile aims to contribute to a better understanding of gender inequalities in rural settings in Malawi, and to serve as a policy support tool to better integrate gender equity and decent ruralmalawi country gender profile REST. PHYS. INTEGRITY VALUE 2014: REST. PHYS. INTEGRITY CATEGORY 2014: Attitudes Towards Violence Against Women:

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The government of Malawi has made efforts to improve gender equality, for instance in 2002 the Ministry of Gender, Child Welfare and Community Services created a MultiSector Country Gender Profile in order to identify the areas of society that need the most attention in regards to gender inequities. malawi country gender profile REPUBLIC OF MALAWI MULTISECTOR COUNTRY GENDER PROFILE AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT NORTH EAST AND SOUTH REGION MCGP Multi Sector Country Gender Profile MEGS Malawi Economic Growth Strategy within the Malawi society gender disparities between men and women, and FAO Country Profile on Gender Inequalities in Rural Employment in Malawi. Efforts to promote gender equality in labour markets and income generating activities, as well as to support decent employment initiatives in rural areas, are hampered by the lack of comprehensive information taking into account the multiple dimensions in which social and gender inequalities interact, particularly in Malawi Country Profile Malawi, a Southern African country, is bordered by Mozambique to the south and west, Zambia to the east, and Tanzania to the north. It has Malawi ( m l w i, m l w i or m l w i; Chichewa: or ), officially the Republic of Malawi, is a landlocked country in southeast Africa that was formerly known as Nyasaland.