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2020-02-24 08:51

Philips has announced a new cheaper TV in the extra wide 21: 9 format called Cinema 21: 9 Gold. This TV will supplement the Cinema 21: 9 Platinum released in 2010. The new Gold edition comes in 50 inches while the Platinum comes in larger formats.Philips Cinema 21: 9 58PFL9956T12 With Philips Net TV, top online content and services are available at the touch of a button: Video on demand, catch up TV, Twitter and many more! A Net TV window can be opened next to the TV, or the TV can be combined with another video device. The small screen can easily be swapped with your main activity philips 21 9 tv platinum edition

Sep 13, 2012  Philips Cinema 21: 9 Platinum Series Smart LED TV Cinema 21: 9 Philips

The new Cinema 21: 9 Gold Series LED TV from Philips solves this dilemma with its 21: 9 aspect ratio allowing widescreen movies to be displayed in all their glory. World's first cinema proportion Smart TV. Be blown away as you watch Bluray movies or HDTV on this spectacular 127 cm (50 ) ultrawide TV. The Philips Cinema 21: 9 Gold series LED TV offers a true cinematic widescreen experience that perfectly matches the original 21: 9 movie 21 9 tv platinum edition Nov 09, 2010 Philips' highend screens have long been renowned for their excellent hidef pictures and the Cinema 21: 9 Platinum continues that tradition. Feed it a Bluray movie and the TV revels in it.

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The Philips 21: 9 Platinum uses active shutter 3D and the TV itself comes complete with a builtin 3D transmitter. There is also internet capabilities on the 21: 9, which hooks you up to Philips Net TV. philips 21 9 tv platinum edition Jan 12, 2011 It's fair to say that Philips' first attempt at a 21: 9 TV wasn't without its issues. It'll be interesting to see what the second generation 21: 9, or to give its full name, the Cinema 21: 9 Platinum Edition, has in store for us.