Four courts reel

2020-02-24 09:32

name for this Four Courts reel? On the Dec. 2 Clare FM Kitchen Session broadcast from Chris Droneys home, I heard the following reel or something akin to it played by several members of the Four Courts Ceili Band.The Four Courts reel. Also known as Na Ceithre Cirteanna. There are 33 recordings of a tune by this name. A tune by this name has been recorded together with Michael Kennedys (a few times). The Four Courts has been added to 12 tune sets. The Four Courts has been added to 197 tunebooks. four courts reel

Apr 19, 2016 Here's a lesson to play this piece of Irish music on the mandolin.

Reels: The Flags of Dublin The Four Courts from Irish Music from the Hudson Valley by Dylan Foley and Dan Gurney Irish Traditional Music Tune Index Tune ID# 659 (Four Courts) Marcas Murch (flute, whistle, vocals). For this tune: (Eb flute). Live in Dublin. James Keane (accordion). For this tune: with Sean Keane (fiddle), Mick O'Connor (flute). A Musical Odyssey: A compilation of musicfour courts reel Nov 25, 2012 I learned this set from A Celebration of 50 Years by The Tulla Ceili Band. I played the second reel from the B part as The Tulla Ceili Band does. I think these are fiddle tunes, too. But I enjoy

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