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Supreme Court of Queensland Act 1991 Part 2 The court Page 8 Current as at 3 July 2017 Authorised by the Parliamentary Counsel Part 2 The court Division 1 Composition and jurisdiction 4 Composition of the court The court consists of a Chief Justice, a President of the Court ofThe Supreme Court is governed by the Supreme Court of Queensland Act 1991. It is the superior court in the Queensland legal system and sits in Brisbane, Rockhampton, Townsville and Cairns, as well as on circuit in Longreach, Mackay, Maryborough and various other locations. jurisdiction of the supreme court qld

The Supreme Court of Queensland was founded on 7 August 1861, with the assent of the Supreme Court Constitution Amendment Act 1861 (Qld). Two subsequent pieces of legislation, including the Additional Judge Act 1862 (Qld) and the Supreme Court Act 1863 (Qld), were also necessary to establish the court's operating system.

Supreme Court (Trial Division) The Supreme Court is the highest court in Queensland, and includes the trial division and the Court of Appeal. . The trial division hears the most serious criminal cases, including murder, manslaughter and serious drug offences. The Supreme Court is presided over by a Justice and is the highest criminal court in Queensland. The Supreme Court has the power to hear and determine the most serious offences, including those carrying a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.jurisdiction of the supreme court qld The State of Queensland (Office of Queensland Parliamentary Counsel) (Ver. Rev. 5364)

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The Children's Court of Queensland is a specialized court in Queensland, The court is established under the Children's Court Act 1992 (Qld). The court is a court of record Judges are appointed based on their experience and interest in dealing with the children's court jurisdiction. jurisdiction of the supreme court qld a bailiff or licensed commercial agent serve a magistrates court civil documentgenerally a claim and statement of claimon a party you have started civil action against an enforcement officer carry out or execute an enforcement process, such as an enforcement warrant, within the civil jurisdiction of the magistrates court. Supreme Court Claims 250, 000 and over Claims 750, 000 and over. No Transitional Period In order to streamline the changes to the monetary jurisdiction of the Courts, there will be no transitional period, and the changes are effective as of 1 November 2010. the Magistrates Court must transfer those proceedings to the appropriate court with Jurisdiction of a Court The Queensland Magistrates Court The District Court of Queensland The Supreme Court of Queensland The Queensland Court of Appeal Queensland's Specialist State Courts The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal The High Court of Australia The Federal Court of Australia The Family Court of Australia SUPREME COURT OF QUEENSLAND ACT 1991 As at 3 July 2017 Act 68 of 1991 TABLE OF PROVISIONS Long Title PART 1 PRELIMINARY 1. Short title 2. Dictionary 2A. (Repealed) 3. Act binds all persons PART 2 THE COURT Division 1 Composition and jurisdiction 4. Composition of the court 5. Divisions of the court 6. Acting judges 7.