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Media Release: Subordinate Courts 21st Workplan 2012 Advancing Justice through Innovation, 9 March 2012 Media Release: Open Design Competition (Stage 1) for the new Subordinate Courts Complex Media Release: Subordinate Courts 20th WorkplanSingapore Probate FAQ for Letters Administration Resealing Estate by Loh Eben Ong, Singapore Probate Lawyers, Quote and Online at LAW. com. sg to the Court, and the Applicant needs to comply with the relevant practice directions of the Courts (para. 119 of the Practice Directions of the Subordinate Courts). Resealing is the process singapore subordinate court practice directions

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7 See Practice Direction No. 1 of 2008 and Practice Direction No. 4 of 2011. 8 See Practice Direction No. 3 of 2006, and paragraph 25D of the Subordinate Courts Practice Directions. 9 See Practice Direction No. 2 of 2011, and paragraph 25C of the Subordinate Courts Practice Directions. 10 See Practice Direction No. 2 of 2010. Supreme Court Practice Directions Practice Directions and Registrar's Circulars are issued by the courts to supplement the Rules of Court by regulating court practice and procedure. Court users are expected to comply with all Practice Directions and Registrar's Circulars issued by the court.singapore subordinate court practice directions The State Courts of Singapore (Formerly the Subordinate Courts) are one of the two tiers of the court system in Singapore, the other tier being the Supreme Court. The State Courts comprise the District and Magistrate Courtsboth of which oversee civil and criminal mattersas well as specialised courts such as the coroner's courts and the Small Claims Tribunals.

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Singapore 2011 SQA with Special Commendation Winner Executive Summary ThE SubordinATE CourTS of SingAporE Towards Greater Organisational Excellence. Leadership Team to chart the strategic direction of the Subordinate Courts in line with her new Justice Statement. singapore subordinate court practice directions IN THE SUBORDINATE COURTS OF THE REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE PRACTICE DIRECTIONS AMENDMENT NO. 2 OF 2012 It is hereby notified for general information that the following amendments will be made to the Subordinate Courts Practice Directions and take effect from 28 May 2012: Practice Directions. From time to time, the Registrar of the Family Justice Courts issues Practice Directions governing the conduct of proceedings in the Family Justice Courts. These Practice Directions have a fundamental role in supplementing procedural law, and must be complied with. Statement by Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon on behalf of Singapore Judiciary on the demise of Founding Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew Amendments to Practice Directions Media Release: More help option for families facing divorce It may then order that the matter be transferred to the High Court or give the subordinate court directions regarding how the matter should be conducted, Although the exercise of this jurisdiction by the Singapore High Court is not mentioned in any statute, In practice, however, it is sometimes difficult to tell whether the Court is